Should I buy a New Home or a Resale?

New Built Home

Should I buy a New Home or a Resale?

New homes vs Resale homes, which one is better?

In my many years as a realtor is not a surprise to be asked which option is better to buy, a brand new home or a resale one. both have pros and cons and the truth is that there is no bad option, everything has to do with the buyer's needs or desires.

Which one is a better investment?

In order to make it simple I always ask my buyers "If you had the option to buy a car for the same price, which one would you choose; a brand new car with all kinds of guarantees, or a used one?" then I ask "what if the new one is a small basic compact sedan and the used one is an elegant looking, leather seat car with all the whistles and bells?" then they just might change their original answer. 
This shows that we have all kinds of priorities, some buyers will say that they do not care much about the upgrades or technology in the car but more importantly, that for them a new car will not need repairs for a long while; Contrary there are other buyers that will careless about buying a brand new but instead the size, comfort, and the status that a luxury car can provide.

The same happens with homes, new homes can provide peace of mind because you know all is covered by the building warranty, it's energy-efficient, and you get to choose colors and some finishes, floor plans, etc. On the other hand, for the same price, you can have a bigger home with many upgrades located in a well-established neighborhood with mature trees and so.

The best option is the one that meets the individual personal criteria.

Important to remember; when searching for the best investment we have to remember that the only thing that matters in real estate the most is 3 things; location, location, location.
Below is a comparison chart:

New Homes

Resale Homes

You get to choose colors, fixtures, floor plans, and other fun things

It offers more sqft and its more spacious, and more potential options for improvements

New homes are overpriced in many cases as they also can have extra property taxes for being in an undeveloped area  (MUD)

Can be outdated and doesn’t have all the new construction trends. 

Offers a 1-2-10 year builder warranty

Located in well establish neighborhood

More chance to obtain “buyer’s incentives” with a builder

Mature big trees in the community and closer to places of higher demand (supermarkets, commercial areas, entrainment, etc)

A community that is not fully developed, and that you will have to deal with all the noise and construction going on

You get more for your money with a resale

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