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The 5 Top Things You Should Look For in a Home

Home inspection

The 5 Top Things You Should Look For in a Home

Foundation; a healthy foundation is highly important since it is the one that supports the structure of the entire house. Foundation issues are often a deal breaker because it can be an insurable issue and repairs can be costly.

Electrical System; Electric issues are the third leading cause of house fire, checking all the electric system, the correct wire installation, and grounding,, as well as verifying the condition of the wires, and making sure that the proper GFCI outlets are in each room to prevent electrocution and injuries, are only some things that should be inspected and maintained.

Roof; A well-performing roof assures good insulation, therefore, high energy efficiency throughout the house. Replace it can also be something very expensive if needed. This can also be a deal-breaker if the insurance doesn't cover the damage. An inspector would be able to recommend if a more specialized roof inspection is needed to determine if the roof is or is not in good shape or need to be repaired or replaced.

HVAC System; A good temperature in your own home is something anyone will want to have. Heating and cooling is a MUST-Have and certainly a MUST-Work, making sure this system is in good shape is one thing you don't want to miss. A specialized inspector might be needed, however, most of the time any AC company will perform a check-up for free.

Plumbing; water leaks can drain any savings account if they are not caught on time, and they can ruin any home drastically. An inspector will check cracked or corroded pipelines, showers, toilets, sinks, and appliance installation, searching for leaks or any repair that may be needed. 

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